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This very attractive gift is a box of Assorted Items. Because you know what you Loved ones like, you chose to fill your Box of LOVE with any items that You Choose that will fit in a White Gift Box with Clear opening on the top. (Prices are based upon items selected) 

We have so many options to choose from!

  • Chocolete Candy Filled Hearts/Teddy/Joystick
  • Chocolete Coveres Strawberries 
  • Cheesecake Filled Strawberries
  • Stella Rosr Wine 
  • Chocolete Covered Pretzels 
  • Chocolete Covered Pineapples
  • Chocolete Covered Cakesicles
  • Chocolete Covered Oreos/Rice Krispies 

Assorted Box of LOVE

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