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"So thankful for Anointed Creations"

As a Teen I was always finding ways to create thing that I thought would be pretty. I could take almost anything that I saw and visualize ways to make it a beautiful creation. As I got older others noticed my skill. I then became the “go to person” that my Friends and Family would contact for suggestion or assistants when there was something they wanted created. Trusting the gift and the creative eye that I was always blessed with; when special events presented itself, I would customize treats and decor to fit the occasion.

My Husband, and other supportive Family and Friends started to share my creative talents on social media. People began to intermingle with me regarding some of the creative ideas that were captured. At that point I

realized that I’d really underestimated the gift that was once just a hobby. Seeing how extremely interested they were encouraged me to perfect that gift and to pursue what I truly Love to do. In an effort to provide the best

service my clients I began to educate myself by taking Event Planning courses. I couldn’t help but to notice the growth in my gift and the desire in my heart to do it.

Fast-forward to today; being a Women of Faith I am encouraged daily by a scripture, (Proverbs 18:16). With God, dedication, steadfastness & the gift of the Anointing I serve with complete confidence knowing that my

gift will make room for me in this industry. I am proud to say, I’m a growing and thriving owner of Anointing Creation and I will work continually to create authentic and customary Events with 100% dedication for each of my clients.

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